Services and Equipment

Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company has 220,000 square feet of manufacturing space in their Nebraska plant. If you were to take a tour of their facility, you would see that they have a wide range of operations in progress each day. You would walk through a machine shop, two metal fabrication shops with shearing, punching, forming and welding equipment, an aluminum foundry, a powder coating department and a 38,000 square foot building dedicated to the production of aluminum and copper tubing. You would see many different types of products in various stages of production and people who care about their work.

One thing that sets Hastings apart is custom fabrication. From start to finish, idea to implementation, their custom fabrication services cater to your specific needs. If you're looking for stellar light metals...look no further than Hastings. They manufacture and market products made of aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel and copper. Hastings is committed to high-quality and masterful craftsmanship. You won't ever worry about quality or wonder about dependability, because at Hastings those things are a given.

In addition to providing you with the best of light metal tubing products they also manufacture consumer items, such as bird feeders, picnic tables, control boxes, copper tubing and weather stations to name a few. It's easy with 12 tube mills, an in-house tool and die facility and a highly competent design engineering department. Customers around the world trust Hastings for excellent products, friendly service and prompt delivery.

The variety of products they manufacture continues to expand and is limited only by the imagination of their customers. Hastings enjoys the challenge of taking a product concept from the design stage to the production floor. They will work with you to build your product in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining quality and consistency. Hastings is committed to the success of their customers.

A list of fabrication equipment and capabilities can be found on the Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company services and equipment page.